Kind Words

"Jane, thank you . . . thank you . .  thank you again for your hand relief balm. I used this balm for my severe chapped lips that would not heal with other products. In desperation after 4 days of peeling lips, I used your hand relief balm that I had brought with me to Maine. Lo and behold, it healed my lips overnight. I look forward to trying your lip balm, but wanted you to know the multi-purpose use of the hand relief balm.   - Monica, CO


"I love my Maker's Hand Relief. It smells amazing and works wonderfully. I put it on my dry hands and it is absorbed almost immediately. My hands are very soft after I apply it. I have even put it on my lips! But now I don't have to since the Lip Balm has come out!"  - Hilary, NC


"I order last week and arrived today! Just tried it out! Smell is not overpowering and the formula is not greasy so we can get back to our projects faster! I choose the lavender bergamot. It's easy to apply and the design is any easy push up container made from recycled materials. Which means: easy to travel with! Even on planes! I will post a picture of mine in the comments. There is a Facebook page as well! Jane was easy to talk to and answered any questions in a timely manner. I love small businesses!!" - Annette Secoy (via Facebook)


"This stuff is amazing-been using it since last year. Rarely post about products, but this is seriously good stuff. Jane Anderson is a fantastic local medicine maker-check her out!" -- Kat Mackinnon (via Facebook) 


"I just like it so much, and so do the kids, so I anticipate it will go quickly and I don't want to run out. Honestly, it's the first product that has worked for my "sandpaper" hands. I run a household of 8, and my hands get so rough and dry that I have difficulty knitting and hand stitching. I also appreciate the light and natural scent. If in the future you make something similar as an all purpose family balm, I'd love it if you'd let me know. Honestly, I appreciate the fact your balm isn't greasy, especially when the kids use it and rub their hands on everything. My 5 year old grabs it when she walks by and puts it on. She used it on her heels yesterday lol. She is a lavender fiend like I am." - Kristy Allee


"I tried your Yarn Balm when I ordered it from Black Water Abbey's website. This product is a miracle for me. I have numerous allergies (dimethicone being one) and terrible "winter hands". Also being a medical professional I wash my hands many times a day. Even after applying lotions and creams, my hands are never healed or smooth. After using the Yarn Balm my hands are so normal!!! I don't have to wait until warmer weather to have normal smooth skin. This is a real breakthrough...I am so very very grateful to you and your talents. I admire your philosophy and look forward to benefiting from your Yarn Balm all year. Your fragrances are just right and not overpowering. Thank you and my hands thank you! You have created something wonderful. Everything about it works. Being in a medical setting the stick form of the Balm is perfect and the size is also just right. These two features allow for ease of use and portability so I can carry it in my scrub pocket. I am grateful for you, your creativity and your philosophy. It is the little things that make life good. Thank you again!!!"

-- Virginia Donelson

(Note: Yarn Balm was the prior name of the Maker's Hand Relief. Product was renamed in 2019)