About the Maker

Hello! I'm Jane Anderson, owner of Elderwood Apothecary. Thanks so much for supporting my small business. It is so important in this day and age to spend our money in ways that support a positive and intentional vision for the future. I work to live each day in a way that spreads love and kindness to others and supports this beautiful planet we call Earth. What I put out in the world is very important to me and this is reflected in the work I do and the business I have built (and am still building) at Elderwood Apothecary.

I believe in hand-crafted natural, chemical-free skincare that uses simple ingredients (that we all can pronounce) and a simple creation process. Products that are made for you, to enrich the quality of your skin and make you feel better about your body. 

Rest assured that I've crafted every balm with exceptional care and the highest quality ingredients. You can trust me that I've searched for the least adulterated beeswax, butters and oils to put in my balms. That the care I give my own skin is reflected in the products I make and share with you. 

I urge you to take a few moments every day to nourish your hands after all those hours of working, crafting and creating. Give your hands a break and take care of them with Maker's Hand Relief.  A product that has been formulated specifically for fiber artists, woodworkers, sewers, jewelers, potters, painters. A balm that you can rub on that cracked dry skin, those hangnails and then get right back to making. Read all about how I got my start making balm and where this business journey has taken me over the years on my blog.

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With Gratitude,



Elderwood Apothecary Mission

My mission at Elderwood Apothecary is to create handcrafted exceptional and nourishing skin care products for all the Makers in our world. Only ingredients that are found naturally in our environment from the bees to the plants & trees are used in my products. These ingredients have been gathered and harvested in a sustainable and conscious way to lessen my impact on our planet.
Without exception, I accept everyone as a Maker and I know we are all working for a life that matters. We Make to share what we love with our community and our world – to share our creativity, our passion, our beauty, our diversity and our own unique way of being and Making.
Here at Elderwood Apothecary I envision a world where one is:
Free to Create
Free to Love & Be Loved by Anyone & Everyone
Free to Thrive & Be Open to Endless Possibility
Free to Work Together to Create a Community Built on Kindness & Acceptance.
Whether you are a knitter, musician, baker or a weaver, potter, carpenter or chef, Elderwood Apothecary is here to lend a hand in keeping your skin healthy.
Go on – Make Your World a Place You Are Proud Of.
Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear from you!  To stay in the loop on product updates and the lastest news follow me on Instagram. You can also subscribe to my blog to get herbal recipes, articles and read my new Modern Maker Series, where I interview makers around the country.