100% Compostable Packaging

Packaging: Part of my business beliefs (and life beliefs for that matter) are to reduce my impact on the environment and to be intentional with what I am putting out into our world. Because of this I use all compostable packaging for my product containers and labels! As seen below all you need to do when you have used up all your balm is pull off the label and tear it up, pop out in left over balm and toss everything into your city composting bin. And then go order a new tube of Maker's Hand Relief!

I truly care about using eco-friendly packaging. I use PURE Labels for my 100% Compostable labels made by Elevate Packaging. I love our planet and I know that each sustainable packaging choice I make matters!

Ordering & Shipping: When you order one of my products you will only get an emailed payment receipt. In an effort to reduce excess paper waste, I don't print packing slip or invoices for your retail or wholesale orders. If you need a paper copy, please let me know and I'd be happy to include it with your order.

I purchase all of my packing materials from Ecoenclose, a fantastic and conscientious company located in Colorado that makes recyclable, eco-friendly packing materials. So when you receive on of my packages you can recycle or compost everything, this includes the packing tape which is biodegradable.  I am still working on getting a compostable shipping label, so for now please pull off the shipping label and discard in the trash. If you receive your order in a small plastic envelope that can be recycled at the appropriate recycling facility.